That boy needs therapy


As I sneak glances and make remarks of how I think you’ve grown again (take note that I never said that I don’t like seeing you like that

or that it does not suit you),

maybe you did not notice the endearing way I said it. Maybe because you’re used to my tone and voice that don’t endear

when all I’ve wanted to say is that we can talk now without the awkward glances, and the awkward pauses, and the awkward sentence constructions. You can talk to me now without the worry of me falling again for you with every word you say

(and with every word you don’t say),

with every smile you give, with every high-pitched laugh that you let out.

I know you’ve made it a point not to lead me on and that nothing’s there for me. And I believe and respect that. But I would like to let you know that trying to find the right words to say, trying to make everything here sound poetic is as hard as suppressing this unwarranted attraction.

When I tell you all these crass, unkind, and mean-spirited words, it is because the good words that i have to say to you and to describe you are not the words that you would like to hear from me.

But to be lost with you as I am lost now. To laugh with you as you laugh at me. And for every possible reason that I can think of, I am content.

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With the Grand Slam Hottest Niner at the Anniversary Party #Happy60thUP49ers (c) @madieapostol  (at UP Bahay ng Alumni)

With the Grand Slam Hottest Niner at the Anniversary Party #Happy60thUP49ers (c) @madieapostol (at UP Bahay ng Alumni)

Do not wait until all the conditions are perfect for you to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.
-  Alan Cohen (via alicedraper)

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I thought of the word “overhaul” but it gives the thought that I hate myself… which may be 20% true… I like myself for the most part, that’s what counts right? But I digress.

I think it’s time to have a reinvention. I’ve been through a lot this past years and it seems that I haven’t changed. And by change, I mean for my own betterment and not for my own downward spiral. Here’s to hoping i finally stick to the plan this academic year and stop whatever the fuck is holding me down.

And to start, I had my braces removed after 8 long years!! Been feeling weird but nonetheless, it feels great, man.

4th of July celeb, salut! #rockyhorror

4th of July celeb, salut! #rockyhorror

Mt. Daguldol summit! Overlooking Batangas Bay yeah (at Mt. Daguldol, San Juan, Batangas)

Mt. Daguldol summit! Overlooking Batangas Bay yeah (at Mt. Daguldol, San Juan, Batangas)

Q & A

Kuya, sinearch ko po kasi sa tags ang UP 49ers sa tumblr tapos lumabas po yung blog niyo. Wala po kasi akong matanungan. Taga UPLB po kasi ako balak ko sanang magtransfer sa UPD sa CoE po, sa Dept of MMME. (Plano ko po sana next A.Y..) Nakita ko po kasi 'tong requirements sa website ng CoE. Wala po ba talaga GWA requirement ang MetE, MatE at EM? (Pasensya na po sa abala!) Yun lang po, salamat!

Yo! Haha hello, shiftee din kasi ako, tapos nung nagshift ako eh wala namang grade requirement nun. Pero marami na kasi ang mga taga-MMM kaya mas strict na siguro sila ngayon. Sa facebook ng UP 49ers ka magtanong hehe. Eto pangalan nung page: “UP Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Association (UP 49ers)” Good luck sa pagtransfer, tapos apply ka samin pag nakaadjust ka na hahaha

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It’s official: I’m a compulsive liar

Happy Mill! Cool Benguet summer well spent.

Happy Mill! Cool Benguet summer well spent.

Seizures (at La Trinidad, Benguet)

Seizures (at La Trinidad, Benguet)

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